About Kadooge

Simply put, this band delivers. It delivers hard rock with powerful rhythmic energies. It is life stories set to music. Formed in Aurora, Illinois from a diverse set of seasoned musicians each with their own straight up, hard edge style, Kadooge is unapologetic and unrelenting.

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Quentin Dover

A virtuoso like no other

Tony Montana

Tony Montana started playing drums at the age of 8. He could be seen twice a week lugging around a snare drum case more than half his size with an unmistakeable look of deter-mination in his eyes. Along the way, he picked up piano and guitar. At the age of 15 he took a Music Theory class, and started composing. Tony has been in many bands across a wide range of Rock genres since the age of 14. These days, in addition to Creedence Revived, he runs a recording studio producing many local area bands, called Spiral Groove Studios (myspace.com/SGStour) and has an original two man loop show called the Dub Currents.

Aerie Dover

The baddest bass player this side of the Mississippi


Pat Goode

As a singer, songwriter, guitar player, Pat has been playing in clubs since he was a young lad. Born in Michigan and having later moved to Chicagoland at 13, Pat has distinctive playing style with evident blues and heavy rock influences. His songs have cathartic and reflective characteristics.

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