About Us


Simply put, this band delivers musically, spiritually, and energetically. Aerie Dover, Tony Montana, Pat Goode, and Quentin Dover have come together with an understanding of what they wanted, powerful fulfilling music that wasn't safe or predictable. Its introspection combined with a commentary on society. Leaving fans jaw dropped at shows is what they do best. Come see for yourself! “This is definitely the sound of accomplished musicians; all the elements work as layers, and the band has a keen sense of dynamics and ensemble playing.” - Erik Oldman, Rock in Chicago Magazine (Oct 16, 2012) “Aurora, Ill.-based quartet Kadooge starts each of the three tracks on its self-titled debut EP with a basic hard rock arrangement before shifting into more active and elaborate instrumental passages. Lead vocalist/guitarist Pat Goode conveys his emotionally-charged lyrics with a strong voice while guitarist Quentin Dover frequently takes off on new adventures. Bassist Aerie Dover and drummer Tony Montana also help listeners navigate the shifting tempos on the engaging “No Surprise” and “Broken Up In Pieces.” ” - Terrence Flamm, Illinois Entertainer (May 01, 2013) Having extensive airplay in the college radio market in the US, their debut album climbed to #170 on the Unweighted Chart on Jan 20th, 2016

Here's Us

We consist of the following members


Aerie Dover



Quentin Dover

Lead Guitar


Patrick Goode

Lead Vocals/Guitar


Tony Montana